Total Heat Exchanger Solutions' goal is to supply the most common and obscure or hard to find gaskets. We offer custom fabrication for both Shell & Tube and Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger gasket styles. Laser cutting is also available for unique metal style gasket requirements.

We supply direct replacement gaskets for Alfa Laval, Vicarb, Graham, Mueller, ITT, Armstrong, Fischer, Tranter, Bell & Gossett, APV, & Sondex.


Gasket Selection:

Selecting the wrong gasket material can be a costly mistake.


By providing Total Heat Exchanger Solutions with the pressure temperature and process liquid details we can recommend the most durable and cost effective gasket material for your application.

If you don't see what you need, please ask.


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Heat Exchanger Service Regions

cardswspaceWith 3 locations to serve you in Pickering, Hamilton and Kingston, Total Heat Exchanger Solutions is equipped to provide service locally in Ontario and across Canada. Contact us now to receive an honest and accurate quote. We are your preferred Heat Exchanger Service Solution for gasket replacement, cleaning services and much more.

Payment Services

Total Heat Exchanger Solutions payment options include MasterCard, Visa or a Standard Purchase Order Supplier Invoicing System.